When should i start buying baby stuff?

Some women find out that they’re pregnant straight away, while others can go for few months without noticing anything. The ones who know it straight from the beginning usually start buying baby products, mainly books right away, and continue doing so even after the baby is born. The most popular books that parents buy, are “what to expect when expecting” and others. Although, i think that buying clothes and little hats for your babies is unnecessary, unless you already know gender. But i know that there are some unisex clothes for babies, with neutral colors that both boys and girls can wear. So that’s definitely a viable option. 

Other people are more superstitious and start shopping for baby products only after the child is born. Some people don’t wait that long, but still hold on for a few months to make sure their baby is healthy and fine. Making the decision of buying baby stuff is up to you, but you have to remember – your kid will need some clothes no matter what. At least something to wrap them when they’re born. But the hospital will probably provide some sort of clothes for that.

If you find out that you’re having twins, congratulations. You have to do twice as much baby product hunting, and you’ll probably have to spend twice as much money. But no money or energy spent on shopping can compare to the joy of having and raising two kids at a time. It might seem very difficult now, but you’ll remember the best moments once it’s over and they’re grown up adults. But you don’t have to spend twice as much on everything – for example, best diaper bags for two will cost almost as much as other regular high quality diaper bags would. Same works for double strollers and changing tables. You will obviously need to use 2 times more diapers, but diapers aren’t the most expensive products when it comes to raising a baby.

Talking of diapers and baby products, it’s better to choose diapers, wipes and other hygienic products after the baby is born. Because your child might have allergy towards certain types of diaper, or materials, so it’s better to wait and clear everything out. To entertain yourself, you can get started with choosing the best strollers, cute clothes, baby bottles and such gadgets for your babies. You can also go through baby books, and gather as much information as you can. At some point, you will also start getting cute baby gifts and other gag gifts from your friends, so that’s another reason to wait – you don’t have to buy something you already have.

You can also start small – like, when you find out you’re pregnant, buy books and other little things. As you and your baby grow, start buying cute clothes, bottles and small stuff like that. When you are in your late pregnancy, start browsing stores for strollers and other more expensive and larger baby products.